Back to School Safety Made Simple

September 8, 2011


With a new school year begun, parents, children and motorists should take time to review some key rules and guidelines to make the school year a safe and enjoyable experience. Here are some quick tips from Vanguard Resources’ educational safety experts.

Students on the Way to School Should:

  • Wait for their bus in a safe place, away from traffic and the street.
  • Make sure they walk to and from school or the bus stop with others whom they know and trust.
  • Tell the driver if they have dropped something near the bus before they retrieve it.
  • Keep a safe distance from the bus until it comes to a complete stop and the driver says it is OK to approach and enter.
  • When exiting the bus, take 10 big steps away from the bus, always maintaining a safe distance from it.
  • Pay attention to and obey all traffic signals and signs. Also, be exceptionally careful in foggy, rainy or snowy weather.
  • Be in a reliable and responsible carpool, if they are not taking the bus. Carpool drivers should drop youngsters off as close to the school as possible, and make sure that they have entered the school or schoolyard before leaving the area.
  • Be aware of the street traffic around them. Drivers are required to follow certain rules of the road concerning school buses and pedestrians; however, not all do.

Children on Their Own After School Should:

  • Be sure to know their home phone number (including area code) and address, the numbers of their parents at work and of another trusted adult.
  • Know how to call 9-1-1 in emergencies.
  • Establish rules for locking doors and windows and answering the door or telephone.
  • Have an agreement regarding inviting friends over or going to a friend’s house.
  • Never talk to strangers or accept rides or gifts from strangers.
  • Contact a parent or neighbor when they arrive home if they are staying home alone after school.

Motorists MUST:

  • Obey all traffic safety laws!
  • Be alert for children walking on the sidewalks, in the road, etc.
  • Come to a complete stop – at the minimum distance required by your state – for stopped buses and to allow children to cross the street.
  • Obey the specially marked speed limits around schools.

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