How to Prevent Office Creepers

September 14, 2011


Many people wouldn’t dream of leaving their computer or phone laying out in plain site, in an unlocked car. However, even these people sometimes think nothing of leaving those items openly unattended in their cubicle, at work. If you think your belongings are safe in your office, then think again…technological advances have bred a whole new generation of criminals called “office creepers.” These individuals disguise themselves as your coworkers or building facility service personnel, relying on the anonymity of busy office buildings to cover their crime. Fear not. You CAN prevent an “office creeper” success by following these quick tips from Vanguard Resources facility safety officers:


Recognize the Office Creeper

  • Become familiar with the coworkers in your immediate area. That way, you will easily spot an out of place individual.
  • See someone wandering the halls or casually roaming about? Ask if you can help her/him. Pose questions like, “May I help you find someone?”
  • If your building has an access control policy where visitors must wear a badge, notify security immediately if someone is walking around without proper identification.
  • If an individual seems suspicious, notify your facility security team as soon as possible. Note details about the person’s appearance so that you can thoroughly describe her/him.


Protect Your Office

  • Never share keys or access codes with ANYONE. Likewise, never leave your office keys unattended.
  • Keep personal keys and office keys on separate rings.
  • Don’t “hide” your wallets or purses in unlocked cabinet drawers or under your desk. This is the first place an “office creeper” often looks!
  • Position coat racks and hangers away from doorways so that a thief can’t easily snatch items from outside.
  • When leaving your office, make sure to lock the door and mute the telephone ringer. An unanswered phone clues a thief into an empty office.
  • Talk to management about purchasing a security cable for your laptop. This inexpensive locking device secures your computer to the desk so it can’t be removed.
  • Keep an accurate inventory of all office equipment, furniture and devices in a locked, fireproof cabinet or in another location completely (like home).
  • Clearly mark all of your personal electronics, like PDA and cell phones with identification. You can use non-removable tags or an inexpensive engraving pen.


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