Vanguard Resources Congratulates Employees with Coins of Merit

October 26, 2011


SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS – Positivity self-perpetuates, even in the workplace. This fact is what inspired Vanguard Resources Facility Management to create their very own, very special coin of merit program. The program’s creator, Dustin Powers, Vanguard Resources’ Chief Information Officer and VP of Support Services, gleaned his inspiration for the unique human resources initiative from his decade-long military career.

“Traditionally in the military, an individual who performs an extraordinary act above and beyond the call of duty receives a coin of merit and recognition,” he explained. “It’s an extreme honor. Few individuals earn this outstanding recognition, and honoring that kind of dedication and service is something that we here at Vanguard Resources want to recognize as well.”

The coins Vanguard Resources awards are dual sided, featuring the credit, “In appreciation for your dedication to excellence,” on one side and on the other a full Vanguard Resources logo.

“I only had 75 of these coins made and they will only be handed out by one of the company executives,” Powers stated. The strong exclusivity of the awarded coins and the associated recognition have quickly increased employee pride within the already strong Vanguard Resources organization framework.

“These coins and the positivity they generate will really strengthen our already close-knit, family company culture.”

Other organizations would do well to mimic Vanguard’s focus on employee happiness and recognition. A national facility management and facility service provider leader, Vanguard Resources has tapped into what industry-wide employee population analyses have discovered – optimistic, appreciated workers perform better.

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