Reduce the Risks of Campus Violence

November 9, 2011


Campus safety is the responsibility of all of those on campus. You can protect yourself and your community by taking steps to minimize your exposure to risks. Being aware of your surroundings, using assertive body language, keeping doors locked and utilizing the buddy system can help you feel safer and may help in deterring an attacker.


When in the Office, Classroom, Laboratory or Library –

  • Avoid working or studying alone in a building at night. Have a friend available for emergencies or late nights.
  • Avoid using stairs in remote sections of a building.
  • Keep your purse locked up in a drawer or cabinet instead of underneath or on top of your desk.
  • Keep any money or stamps in a locked drawer.
  • Never leave valuables unattended.
  • Keep personal belongings in view at all times.
  • Never prop doors open even for a short time, especially fire exits.
  • Do not remove rings to wash hands. They can be lost or stolen easily.
  • Call the police if you see a male entering, leaving or in a woman’s lavatory. Do not stop to ask the individual questions.
  • Report any suspicious behavior to a staff member or the police. Do not confront the individual.
  • Advise police of any hazards or security exploits you may find.
  • Use a walking escort service or walk with a friend at night.


Protect Yourself in Residence Halls and at Home –

  • Always lock your door, even if you intend to return shortly or are just going down the hall.
  • Lock all doors and windows when you are sleeping and/or alone.
  • Do not allow strangers or suspicious persons to enter the premises.
  • If someone asks to use your phone for emergency purposes, offer to telephone for them instead of allowing them access to your residence and possessions.
  • Keep emergency numbers by your phone.
  • Do not put your address anywhere that a stranger can gain easy access, such as a key chain or hang tag.
  • On campus, call public safety to report any suspicious activity. Off campus, use the emergency number of the city or town. Immediately give the dispatcher your location and any pertinent information. If possible, stay on the line until help arrives or the dispatcher terminates the call.
  • Utilize a bank account instead of keeping money in your room.
  •  Keep ATM cards in a safe place. Never reveal your PIN number to anyone.
  • Never loan your ATM card to anyone, no matter who they are.
  • When possible, use your ATM card during the day. If you must use the machine at night, go to an indoor or otherwise well-lit machine.


Never neglect campus safety routines. One slip-up or safety oversight is all it takes for campus violence to happen. For more information on campus safety please refer to Security on Campus, Inc.


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