Outstanding Quality Recognized By Industry Experts

November 23, 2011


High quality service delivery – that’s Vanguard Resources’ specialty. Recently, the facility management leader was again recognized for excellence, this time by FacilitiesNet and Upturn Solutions as a top Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) provider. Experts credit Vanguard Resources’ use of Sprocket CMMS software as a primary contributing factor behind the recent recognition.

“Our CMMS is one of the things that really distinguishes us from other facility management companies,” elaborates Vanguard Chief Information Officer and VP of Support Services, Dustin Powers. “It’s a system that goes beyond what other software systems provide. It allows us to create deeply customized and malleable solutions for our customers, streamlining information processing, delivery and management.”

Using its unique CMMS system, Vanguard Resources took on the expansion and renovation of the San Antonio Air Force Village service member independent living retirement community. The pre-renovation community offered a full store of services and amenities, but these features had proven too outdated for Vanguard’s quality-enhanced customer standards. The Vanguard revamp expanded the Village from a limited 30,000 sq. ft. community into an expansive 60,000 sq. ft. neighborhood, complete with luxury apartments, ADA-compliant sidewalks and ramps, a 15-story sky lounge and dining area and high efficiency plumbing.

“For a project of this type, effective work management software is critical.  The problem is that most solutions make it complex and time consuming to enter the data necessary to properly execute, track and close out maintenance tasks.  Sprocket is specifically designed to streamline this process – so technicians spend less time on data entry and more time focusing on maintenance issues in the field,” explained Britton Stacy, General Manager of Plant Operations, Vanguard.

For more information on Vanguard Resources’ innovative approach to support services and solutions, or to learn how a partnership with Vanguard could benefit your organization, please contact the Vanguard office directly at 1-800-211-8848.