‘Tis The Season To Be Safe

December 2, 2011


As the fall chill strengthens to a wintery bite and department store background music shifts from “elevator” to “holiday,” homes and offices throughout the nation prepare to welcome the holiday season with cheer, warmth and décor. Decorating your home or office can be one of the most enjoyable experiences of the holiday season. This season take the time to decorate safely and ensure that your holiday displays will be ones of festivity rather than disaster.

Before you begin to decorate check:

  • Smoke detectors. Make sure that the batteries are less than 6 months old.
  • All fire and life safety systems and equipment – just in case.
  • For damage to electronic decorations, such as festive lights. Discard strands with broken, frayed, cracked or loose parts.
  • Your décor’s energy output. Typically, low energy light fixtures or electronic accessories are safer, produce less heat and are more cost efficient.
  • Décor instructions or labels. Their advice is tried, true and key to a safe and happy holiday decorating experience.

Once you have begun decorating, ensure that:

  • You hang all items safely, with firm foundational support.
  • All candles and lights hang far from combustible materials.
  • Your décor is sturdily supported and easy to remove.
  • Your holiday display does not include items made from harmful materials such as lead or combustible materials.

The holidays are a time to enjoy the blessings that you and your coworkers enjoy together: a productive work environment, friendly support and a challenging career. Make sure your office makes the most of this holiday safely for a season of safety, support and laughter.

For more information on staying safe this holiday season please review other helpful holiday tips from Zurich and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

To learn how to secure the safety of your office or corporation all year long, request a detailed analysis from the facility management safety experts at Vanguard Resources, anytime.