Learn The Truths About Healthcare Code Enforcement

January 16, 2012


Sometimes fact is stranger than fiction when it comes to the codes and standards that govern facility management protocol. Serious consequences face healthcare agencies when compliance standards are neglected. Among other repercussions, a healthcare organization’s non-compliance may provoke governing agencies to:

  • Close the facility
  • Remove accreditation
  • Deny reimbursement
  • Incite negative publicity
  • Withhold specific programs like physician residency programs
  • Cut or replace certain job positions

Why is standardized compliance information that’s so important often misunderstood, misinterpreted or misapplied?

As with the majority of process and policy errors, the problem occurs through the translations: code developers generally only create healthcare standards, rather than enforcing them. In the field, codes that may have appeared crystal clear in application may undergo situation-by-situation modifications, depending upon the judgment of your facility’s on-site standard enforcement teams or Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs).

Examples of code developer organizations include:

While examples of AHJs include:

Only in certain cases do the code developers and the code enforcers come from the same organizational body. This usually occurs only with governmental agencies, such as:

Operate in your healthcare organization’s best interests by aligning your agency with a competent, hands-on facility management provider. Working in cooperation with a facility management partner provides your administrative leaders with the peace of mind to focus on their main administrative duties rather than getting bogged down by double-checking the accurate application of all-important compliance regulations. Facility management organizations like Vanguard Resources has facility management teams staffed by long-experienced experts in healthcare compliance, ready at a moment’s notice to investigate and resolve any compliance issue to the highest quality of regulated standards.

For more information on the details surrounding regulation and compliance myths and misinterpretations contact the regulatory body directly, or for more customized feedback and compliance advice on how to debunk compliance myths within your organization, contact Vanguard Resources.