Commissioning To Ensure Hospitals Get What They’ve Paid For

February 1, 2012


In health care, doctors, patients, supporters and the media assume for expectations to match reality. Design-wise, new health care facilities and hospitals fall into the upper echelon of cost and sophistication. Fundraisers and grant advocates work diligently to guarantee funding for the supply and upkeep of these facilities’ most advanced medical and building system equipment. However, once most hospitals shear their grand opening ribbons, many fail to maintain the systematic integrity for which their administrators once campaigned.

Now, the American Society for Healthcare Engineering (ASHE) has established enhanced commissioning guidelines to curb these quality declines. The Health Facility Commissioning Guidelines (HFCx Guidelines), outlines a plan to use commissioning to:

Ensure that building systems are installed and perform in accordance with the design intent, that the design intent is consistent with the owner’s project requirements and that operations and maintenance staff are adequately prepared to operate and maintain the completed facility.

ASHE’s HFCx Guidelines identify and examine the practice of commissioning in step-by-step detail, outlining the:

  • Pre-design Phase
  • Design Phase
  • Construction Phase
  • Transition to Operational Sustainability
  • Post-occupancy and Warranty Phase

Additionally, the guidelines go beyond simple evaluations of commissioning processes to explain the importance of developing a long-term business plan for health care organizations.

To discover more information about how these new guidelines will impact you or for advice on commissioning specifically tailored to your facility, contact Vanguard Resources directly.