Avoid Common Joint Commission Deficiencies

February 15, 2012


Health care facilities have a lot to manage. In addition to the daily patient flow and physician schedule and operations management, numerous facility regulatory standards must be met on a daily basis. It’s a lot to keep track of, so it’s no wonder that many health care institutions fall short of achieving perfect marks with the The Joint Commission.

The Joint Commission publishes bi-annual Top Ten lists of the most frequent standard issues they discover in health care facilities. Unfortunately, the most common pit falls are all too common, occurring in more than 50% of the hospitals surveyed. Out of all standardized areas, the most missteps fall under the critically important area of Life Safety (LS) and Environment.

To avoid mistakes like these in your own facility, become familiar with the totality of your requirements. Next, examine where the most compliance mistakes occur within your and other hospital facilities. Once you know where to expect problems, you can begin implementing effective strategies to prevent them. Meet with your on-site facility management team to discuss your facility’s current rating in-depth. From here, you can develop coordinated and concrete measures for standard maintenance or improvement.

Consistent compliance is vastly important for any health care facility. If you find your institution lacking, consider bringing on board an experienced facility management partner that can increase efficiencies and guarantee results. For detailed information on improving your hospital’s compliance, please contact Vanguard Resources Facility Management’s experts.

To discover more information about how these new guidelines will impact you or for advice on commissioning specifically tailored to your facility, contact Vanguard Resources directly.