Establishing Ownership of Your Construction Project

February 23, 2012

Ensuring the Success of Your Construction Project

Construction projects require an incredible amount of resources. Money, labor, design, equipment and other costs must factor into the overall project budget and certification timeline. Selecting construction leaders carefully and correctly will help ensure that your project stays on task, on budget and avoids both common and uncommon communication mishaps. Plan ahead and take a few key steps to avoid unfortunate outcomes:

  • Coordinate with Internal Stakeholders – Discuss existing project issues and goals; obtain all relevant reports, inspections and surveys; review applicable codes, standards and guidelines; and perform necessary risk assessments.
  • Survey Similar Projects – Explore lessons learned from projects of similar nature and scope through a complete examination of related best practices.
  • Do Your Homework – Review overall facility room considerations, technology use, room finishes, architectural details, building systems, equipment manuals, furnishings, environmental services and capital equipment.
  • Establish Ground Rules for Project Delivery – Request the correct proposals, provide appropriate facility access and relevant documents and establish the scope of work with your team.
  • Own your project.

Leadership and responsibility must be planned in advance. Throughout the project’s duration, other internal and external entities and personnel will also become invested in your facility construction and renovation projects. You will be coordinating not only your own team, but also internal stakeholders and external factors impacting project issues and goals. You’ll also be recommending best practices taken from all projects, working relationships and experiences. Establish your working relationship ground rules with external professionals and project team members in the beginning and you will enhance your ability to foster good relationships and to support a successful project delivery.

Managerial lapses in the project-planning phase lead to confusion and poorly coordinated direction in the action phases, ultimately creating failure in overall project results delivery. Facility managers and directors planning for renovation or new construction must establish primary project ownership long before the selection of design team architects. Plan first and plan thoroughly to manage overall project progress and cost and simultaneously improve the satisfaction levels of project team members and stakeholders.

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