The Advantages of Advancement: CAFM

February 29, 2012


Computer-aided facility management (CAFM) programs have altered the facility management landscape in both helpful and profound ways. CAFMs carry with them the advantages of:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Operational & strategic facility management support
  • Space usage tracking
  • Space occupancy identification
  • Space scenario planning

As with any tool, CAFM carries its own unique challenges. Although most senior level managers and health care facility managers understand the benefits of CAFM systems, the majority of employees remain unfamiliar with its intricacies and advantages. As a result, many facility management service employees become wary preemptively of CAFM implementation scope and hassle.

However, CAFM can start simply, beginning with only a single module. It greatly aid health care facility management and can be used to:

  • Map facility floor plans
  • Show detailed information about room space
  • Outline the locations for mechanical, electrical & plumbing systems
  • Manage new projects & renovations

Consider implementing a CAFM system at your facility. Any installation questions on the following topics can be addressed and resolved by a facility management partner, like Vanguard Resources:

  • Selling CAFM Implementation
  • Off-Site Hosting for Facility Management Data
  • Understanding CAD and Its Relationship to CAFM
  • Keeping Data Current
  • Module Basics
  • Floor Plans
  • Space Module
  • M/E/P Module
  • Project/Planning Management
  • Property/Real Estate Management Module

For more information and a detailed analysis of your facility’s potential CAFM strategy, please contact Vanguard Resources.