The Facility Assessment: An Essential Planning Tool

March 8, 2012


How well do you know your facility?

Administrators and/or board members may need the details of your infrastructure facility conditions, ranked by priority and severity in the case of system failure, at a moment’s notice. Prepare yourself to address concerns and questions confidently and quickly, while simultaneously enhancing your own understanding of your facility’s condition now and into the future.

Lead your onsite teams by example, and regularly assess your facility, covering all the facility assessment basics: planning, implementation, analysis and execution. Use the Vanguard Resources recommended four-part approach detailed below to create a thorough, yet facility-specific assessment for your site:

  • Part One: Planning
    • Define the purpose and scope of the facility assessment.
    • Define the facility assessment team.
    • Define the report formats for the evaluation.
  • Part Two: Implementation
    • Prior to inspection, conduct staff interviews.
    • Prior to inspection, research existing infrastructure documentation.
    • Prior to inspection, solicit appropriate facility structure information via a questionnaire.
    • During the facility inspection, assign priorities to any deficiencies uncovered by your facility assessment team.
  • Part Three: Analysis
    • Analyze each deficiency in detail.
    • Assess the efforts given to each deficiency at present and evaluate whether enhanced efforts should come into play.
    • Prepare your final assessment report using the formats established in Part One of the assessment.
  • Part Four: Execution
    • Prepare a plan for deficiency correction.
    • Develop enhancing design and construction strategies.
    • Staff and manage solution execution teams.

    Executing this four step process for your facility will update your outlook and enhance your knowledge of your facility and its true condition. Whether you call it facility assessment, due diligence, insurance or just plain common sense, you should perform these evaluations regularly to keep your facility running at top efficiency.

    For more information on the details of our programs, or for more customized feedback and advice on how to get a facility assessment, contact Vanguard Resources.