Dining Gets Trendy At Large Facilities

March 23, 2012

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Food preferences are a matter of taste, but good nutrition is not. Facility cafeteria managers have begun a new way of doing things. They are now making it a priority to ensure that onsite eatery menus cover both good nutrition and good taste.

Educational institutes throughout the country have revamped menus to include more healthy options, more dietary alternatives and more allergy conscious food selections. The program change often proves successful with those it impacts and it’s no wonder why: visiting or working at a facility has become not only about the company’s services, but also about the experience it provides to visitors and employees. On campuses, healthier and more varied menus have improved this experience, affecting dining hall hours and, in some cases, enrollment.

There’s a lot of competition out there in education and every aspect of the visitor experience matters. Great, nutritious, varied food has become a distinguishing factor in this competitive industry. Health care, senior living and retirement community facility managers would do well to learn from the lessons of educational institutions.

Join the forefront of the onsite dining innovation; regardless of your industry, focus on improving your site visitor’s experience with you, and continue to attract the traffic and revenues you seek.

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