The Importance Of Active Shooter Emergency Planning

May 30, 2012


Unfortunately, the threat of an active shooter is a real, unpredictable, modern day possibility. This crisis tops the alert charts due to the fact these situations evolve quickly and  have lasting impact on the individuals involved.

However, as with any onsite crisis situation, the right preparation and planning can help minimize chaos, and even more importantly, the possibility of injury or death. Safeguard your employees to the best of your ability and develop a plan that:

  • Emphasizes the importance of remaining calm in any violent situation
  • Encourages anyone involved to call 9-1-1 and relay, to their best ability, the location and description of the shooter
  • Enforces the importance of remaining on the line with the 9-1-1 operator until police arrive, in case victim needs change
  • Explains in comprehensive detail how to warn employees when an active shooter is present
  • Includes evacuation and lockdown procedures
  • Reminds employees to closely observe details of the shooter (clothing, height, weight, etc.)
  • Instructs employees to lock and secure all exits if the shooter should leave
  • Trains people to take accurate head counts and check colleagues and coworkers for injuries
  • Has regularly scheduled mock shooter drills that, whenever possible, include evacuating the building

In these types of situations it is always better to act cautiously. Even when the police arrive on an active shooter scene, it is critically important to move slowly, keep your hands visible and follow their instructions with utmost care.

For more safety and crisis advice or to receive a customized safety plan for your facility, campus or worksite, please contact Vanguard Resources directly.