Who’s Going Up Next in Your Hospital Elevator?

April 26, 2013


Have you ever spent more than five minutes impatiently waiting for a hospital elevator to transport you upward to a loved one on another floor? The door light flashes on, the door opens, and you get excited, until you see a patient lying on a large gurney waiting to make his way up to that next test on another floor.

There clearly isn’t enough room so you politely motion that it’s okay they proceed without you. But as the door closes, you are reminded that you’re the one still waiting for the next elevator!

Not to mention, what about the patient that must wait a substantial amount time to get from his/her hospital room on an elevator to go for more testing or surgery? The patient has lost valuable time and simply wants to get the tests and or surgery out of the way as soon as possible and not have it prolonged any further. Many wonder why it takes so long for the elevators to move from floor to floor. Surely there is some more efficient system.

CEDES recently unveiled the TPS Bed Detection system that uses three sensors to identify that a patient is already on an elevator and takes them where they want to go without stopping on every floor. This removes the irritation that stems from a bed-laden elevator with a patient stopping on every floor.

The three sensors are installed in the ceiling of the elevator and an evaluation unit is connected on the roof that identifies the patient.

Inside the elevator, triangulation sensors screen the car with two independent beams, enabling the unit to discern the difference between patients in beds and passengers based on height.

When a hospital bed is detected, sensors communicate wirelessly with elevator controls to send the elevator straight to the floor without stops.

Besides guaranteeing, privacy, comfort for patients and timeliness, the TPS bed detection system couldn’t be simpler. No destination selection control transponder card or key switch is needed for operation.

How do improvements like CEDES impact the ongoing mission of Vanguard Resources?

Simple. Innovation is at the heart of the philosophy of Vanguard Resources’ Plant Operation and Maintenance Program that ensures healthcare facility managers have all the tools and information necessary to adapt at a moment’s notice to this ever-changing industry.

For more information about the TPS Bed Detection System or the Plant Operation and Maintenance Program, contact Vanguard Resources.