Disaster Training A Must For Facilities Managers

May 15, 2013

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Staying current with the latest in Governmental training programs is the best investment of time and effort you can make for your facility, especially in times of emergencies and disasters.

Demonstrating Vanguard Resources’ ongoing commitment to disaster preparedness, William B. Copes, Vice President of Business Development and emergency responder, recently participated in the Healthcare Leadership For Mass Casualty Incidents seminar. At this event, Copes completed 32 hours of training at the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Center for Domestic Preparedness (CDP) in Anniston, Ala.

The center develops and delivers advanced training for emergency response providers, emergency managers and other Governmental officials from state, local and tribal Governments. It offers more than 50 training courses focusing on incident management, mass casualty response and emergency response to a catastrophic natural disaster or terrorist act.

Classes were conducted at the Noble Training Facility (NTF), a former Army hospital converted in 1999 to a training site, specializing in health and medical education in disasters, including environmental disasters and acts of terrorism. The NTF is the nation’s only hospital facility dedicated to training hospital and healthcare professionals in disaster preparedness and response.

Responders participating in CDP training gain critical skills and confidence to respond effectively to local incidents or potential Weapons of Mass Destruction events.

Among the important lessons Copes learned during his week at the CDP:

  • Hospital staff must remember what they practice, not what is written in a plan. “Practice, practice, practice is critical,” Copes says. “If you don’t fail during the exercise, you aren’t really exercising the emergency operations plan (EOP).”
  • Also, Copes was intrigued by the simple definition or explanation of the number of patients it would take to trigger a mass casualty incident (MCI) event. “The answer is one more patient than the normal hospital throughput system can handle.”

Copes will utilize this valuable training to improve Vanguard’s existing emergency management programs on all of its client properties. Coordinating the latest techniques with the power of teamwork keeps Vanguard client facilities safe and well prepared 24/7.

Discover more details about the Center for Domestic Preparedness, our nation’s all-hazards training center, and its extensive course selection by reviewing their website.

For more information about preparing your facility, contact Vanguard Resources.