Beat The Drought, Be More Efficient With Your Facility’s Water

October 29, 2014

Be More Efficient With Your Facility's Water

Facilities managers can’t get enough free tools to help them maximize the shrinking dollars allotted in their budgets to solve common problems like water usage, as we shared in a blog post earlier this year about the EPA’s WaterSense partnership program.

The fact is water usage and conservation almost go hand-in-hand these days, as drought conditions persist in much of the Western U.S., and in smaller regions on a more short-term basis in East Coast states, according to the U.S. Drought Meter.

With facilities managers struggling to save on rising utility costs comes an effort to widen the adoption of improved water sustainability measures from the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) and the Global Environmental Management Initiative (GEMI).

Both organizations have teamed up to boost the use of their free EDF-GEMI Water Management Application (WaterMAPP) Toolkit, a Microsoft Excel-based spreadsheet featuring multiple tabs and three robust tools that collect data to make a strong case for investments in water efficiency, according to GEMI Vice Chair Steve Shedroff.

  • The Water Efficiency Calculator that estimates the water usage and cost savings from free-air cooling or cooling tower improvements.
  • A Water Scorecard that measures a facility’s overall water efficiency and offers better visibility for water use performance.
  • A Cycles of Concentration Estimator that calculates the maximum COC, an important measure of cooling tower water efficiency.

The origins of the toolkit date back to 2012, when EDF and AT&T launched a pilot project to identify ways to lower water and energy usage in buildings. During that phase, researchers discovered opportunities to decrease water use in cooling towers.

Based on that work, an initial WaterMAPP was developed. This latest iteration is the culmination of an effort by GEMI and EDF to redesign the toolkit and collaborate on its promotion and hosting to help facilities managers and their organizations cut energy and water usage in their buildings.

“As persistent drought conditions become the new normal in many areas of the country, organizations are looking for ways to cut their water use. This toolkit can help buildings use less water and energy, and save money in the process,” said Tom Murray, Vice President of Corporate Partnerships at EDF.

For a more detailed look, watch this YouTube video below explaining the ins and outs of the toolkit.

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