Simple Ways to Reduce Your Cleaning Costs

June 2, 2016

Simple ways to reduce your cleaning costs

Here are some purchasing tips that will reduce your expenditures and increase your efficiency.

General ways to reduce your purchasing costs:

• Choose quality over short-term savings. It may seem counter-intuitive, but paying more for higher-quality products will ultimately reduce the cost of cleaning. Better products will be easier to use, perform more effectively, last longer, etc.

• Buy concentrated. The more concentrated the cleaning solution, the longer it will last, helping to reduce costs significantly.

• Go bulk. Buying cleaning chemicals in five-gallon containers will save you money. Partner with other businesses to increase your savings. If you purchase enough, you may even be able to negotiate a price ceiling

• Choose multi-surface chemicals and tools. The National Service Alliance recommends multi-surface cleaning chemicals and equipment. “One cleaning solution or one machine that can clean multiple surfaces (i.e., hard surface floors and carpet) is one of the best ways to reduce supply costs.” Most facilities can be cleaned daily and efficiently with as few as two to four products

Specific product tips:

• Choose controlled-roll paper towel systems over folded towels. While the folded towels seem less expensive, they require more-frequent refilling, which leads to increased outages and complaints as well as more labor. A controlled-roll system offers a more efficient solution that also produces less waste.

• Jumbo roll toilet tissue seems to offer increased capacity, reduce outages, and lower costs. However, these products are not user friendly, they create extra waste (which leads to increased labor costs), and they have high customer dissatisfaction. Choose a coreless system, which is ultimately more user friendly, and also reduce mess and waste

• Trashcan liners are not a product you want to skimp on. Using cheaper liners usually results in workers using a double-bagging approach, which negates any savings you initially earned. Choose quality liners, which do not need to be double-bagged, and will save your workers cleanup time

• Consider backpack vacuum cleaners, which allow your workers to cover more ground in a faster amount of time.

• Consider a bucketless mop system, which will also increase worker efficiency.

Follow these simple steps and you will save money on your purchases and make your cleaning team more efficient. For more tips on how to reduce your cleaning costs, contact Vanguard Resources.