Hurricane preparedness for your facility

August 3, 2016

Stormy Weather Ahead Road Sign Against Dark Ominous Sky

Hurricane season is here, and August and September are the months with the most activity and typically the biggest hurricanes. Unlike tornadoes, you usually have warning several days before a hurricane strikes. That will be enough time to accomplish some of what you will need to do to prepare (like storing equipment), but not enough time to completely prepare your facility. This checklist is best to read now so you can be ready if and when a hurricane is first spotted.

Prepare for flooding:

  • Make sure all drains are clear
  • Fill sandbags and place them in vulnerable areas
  • Assess the flood risk to your facility and move valuable equipment in basements or easily flooded areas to safer, higher areas

Prepare for wind:

  • Repair existing roof damage
  • Close and latch exterior doors and windows
  • Brace large openings at shipping and receiving docks
  • Protect windows and doors that are vulnerable to windblown debris
  • Assess rooftop equipment that could suffer wind damage – replace or add fasteners as needed
  • Be sure to stock up on necessary materials now as they may be hard to find when a hurricane is on the radar
  • Anchor or store any outdoor items that could become airborne during a hurricane, like furniture, trashcans, fencing and signs

General preparedness:

  • Ensure backup generators and other emergency materials are in good order
  • If possible and/or necessary, choose an off-site location where you can resume operations
  • Contact contractors and equipment repair companies prior to the storm to guarantee you are first in line for help with any post-storm issues

Preparedness for healthcare facilities:

Most facilities and businesses will close in the event of a hurricane. If you run a facility that provides essential services, such as healthcare, you will mostly likely be unable to do so. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has great resources to help you prepare for the season.

For more information on disaster preparedness for your facility, contact Vanguard Resources.