Increasing workplace satisfaction

August 26, 2016

Together, success is a given

Study after study shows that satisfied employees are more productive and act as better ambassadors for your company. However, achieving the goal of high employee satisfaction is a challenge for many facilities managers.

Raises aren’t always the key. While a raise or improving employees’ benefits can help for a short time (after all, no one wants to feel they aren’t being properly compensated), there are small, inexpensive changes that you can implement right now that will have a long-term impact on satisfaction.

Here are some tips to raise satisfaction in your workplace:

Give employees more control

Letting your employees feel that they have some control over their work lives goes a long way toward making them feel satisfied at work. If possible, offer alternative work schedules such as flextime or telecommuting, so they can properly manage their work hours with their demanding life schedules and/or avoid rush-hour traffic. Let your employees customize the décor and equipment in their workstations so they have a place where they are comfortable and happy. If possible, let employees set their own goals so they are in control of their own success.

Run better meetings

Managers and employees all dislike meetings. By running shorter and more productive meetings, you can reduce frustrations and stress associated with them and your employees will spend their time more efficiently. See our article about how to run better meetings.

Encourage friendships

Employees who enjoy working with their coworkers are much more likely to feel satisfied at work. Find ways to encourage social relations. Consider an open floor plan that fosters communication and cooperation. Encourage holiday and birthday celebrations, or fun activities like a chili cook-off. Provide comfortable dining areas to encourage employees to eat together, rather than at their desks. Encourage out-of-office activities like a company softball or kickball team.

 Encourage charitable activities

Find out which charities your employees care about and find ways to support those causes. Organize volunteer programs or sign your company up for a walkathon or 5k run. Community service is a great way to boost happiness for your employees and also garner some positive PR for your company.

 Promote good health

Healthier employees are happier and more productive. See our two-part series here and here on how to start an employee wellness program.

Encourage personal growth

Employees who see work as a place where they can grow are more likely to have greater satisfaction. According to an article in Inc. magazine, “employers can create an atmosphere of growth by providing training, acknowledging benchmarks, and celebrating accomplishments. Employers should also encourage employees to take risks and learn new skills. Employees will become bored and lose motivation if they are never given an opportunity to expand their skills and responsibilities.”

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