Help your community and garner goodwill: Host a blood drive

October 19, 2016

Blood Donors Making Donation In Hospital

According to the Red Cross, more than 41,000 blood donations are needed every day. You can do your part by hosting a regular blood drive at your facility. It’s win-win situation – your employees can volunteer without having to miss work, you will generate tons of goodwill in your company and community, and you will help patients receive much-needed blood.

Planning a blood drive
Contact your local blood donation organization, or the Red Cross, and let them know you would like to host a donation drive. Work with the blood donation organization to choose a date, about three to six weeks out, so you’ll have plenty of time to spread the word and drum up volunteers.

Who can host a blood drive?
Each blood donation organization has different criteria for hosting blood drives. The Red Cross prefers your facility to have at least 200 members, but most organizations will find ways to partner with you if you have fewer. You can choose whether to host the blood drive inside your facility or outside in a bloodmobile, though the blood donation organization will have certain requirements for either location.

Spread the word
Put up posters and sign-up sheets throughout your facility. Host an information session to let everyone know what to expect when giving blood. If you have an employee who has benefitted from receiving blood, ask them if they will be willing to share their story. This makes the prospect of giving blood more personal. Send invitations or even add a competition to see which department can sign up the most donors.

Send out reminders
A few days before the blood drive, remind everyone that the blood drive is about to start. Include tips for donors like drinking enough water, getting enough sleep and checking to ensure they’ll be eligible to donate at the time of their appointment. Remind donors to eat a good meal an hour or two before the appointment and to make sure they bring a form of ID.

Afterwards, thank your donors and the blood donation organization and book an appointment to host your next drive.

For more help on community outreach, contact Vanguard Resources.