Looking to make a great impression? Look no further than your restroom

November 30, 2016

doors from toilets

A recent survey by the Bradley Corporation found that 73% of consumers believe a bad restroom indicates poor management, and 66% say that an unsavory restroom lowers their opinion of the company. Unkempt restrooms can also lead to lower employee morale. Don’t let an unpleasant restroom experience sully your facility’s image.

Here are some of the more common restroom complaints from customers and employees.

General upkeep
This one’s pretty obvious. Dirty floors, dirty counter tops, accumulated moisture on the floor and overflowing trash: these are the signs that management doesn’t care about its employees or guests.

This is a problem that can extend to outside the restroom. Guests and employees will often turn around from whence they came if the restroom exudes an unpleasant smell. Visitors may even leave your facility all together. Ensure that your restrooms smell as pleasant as possible—especially if yours features a baby-changing station.

Out of stock
Restrooms always should be fully stocked with the necessities such as toilet paper, soap, and paper towels or working air dryers. Guests may check to make sure a stall has sufficient toilet paper before using the restroom, but people often forget to check the paper towel supply. Ensure they are available to avoid inconvenient and embarrassing situations for your guests. Also, be sure to keep up with your supply of paper seat guards/covers in restroom stalls.

Lack of feminine hygiene
Not having appropriate devices or products in place is a sure way to earn the ire of your female guests.

Conversely, a clean restroom—or even a pleasantly unique restroom experience—can dramatically raise impressions of a facility. Here are some ways to improve your guests’ and employees’ restroom experiences.

Hands-free devices
People prefer using hands-free faucets, soap dispensers and air dryers, as these can make guests feel like the entire experience is cleaner. Using air dryers instead of paper towels can eliminate the need to keep towels in stock, however, unless your hand dryers are fast, efficient, and effective, this can have a negative effect. See a list of the most-recommended hand dryers in the industry.

Bonus points if you invest in the Dyson Airblade Tap, which lets you dry your hands over the sink to prevent water accumulation on the floor.

QR Codes
Make it easy for guests and employees to alert the manager that a restroom needs maintenance. Post a sign with an easy to scan QR code.

Give your restroom personality

Each year Cintas runs the America’s Best Restroom Contest. And while no one is advocating that your facility be Hall of Fame quality, it’s instructive to look at past winners, for they all have a few traits in common. The establishments went out their way to make sure their restrooms were a part of the overall experience they wanted guests to have. Also, the restrooms that made the biggest impression all have a personality reflective of its location and/or facility.

Adding a few personal details to your restroom is easy and affordable to do, and it shows that you are a manager willing to go the extra mile for your establishment. Choose things that are indicative of your area, your history, your products, and/or your services. A few pictures, decorations, or design concepts can go a long way to making your guests’ and employees’ restroom visits are memorable—in a good way.

You can see Cintas’ Best Restrooms in America from 2015 here.

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