Service at the touch of a button

April 26, 2017

Hit the buzzer!

Facility services provider ISS Sweden recently won an award for an innovative and incredibly simple concept. The company installed a button called “Presto” on their coffeemakers. If a coffee machine needs service, the customer can simply press this button to request a maintenance professional. This elegant solution got us thinking – why not install similar buttons around your facility so employees can easily request repairs when needed?


According to ISS Sweden, there was a discrepancy between how many customers experienced faulty appliances (85%) and how many actually called for service (21%). Those numbers can seem off, but if you consider the hassle to report a faulty coffeemaker, from finding the number to waiting on hold, most will leave the problem for someone else.


There are three senses of frustration employees feel when they encounter a faulty piece of equipment at work. First, they’re obviously frustrated that the item (let’s say copier) isn’t working. A task they were hoping to complete in thirty seconds is now going to take much, much longer. The second case of frustration is absolutely more maddening – now they have to deal with it. And, as we see from the ISS survey, most people will choose the path of least resistance and avoid troubleshooting. That brings us to the third sense of frustration employees feel, especially if it’s clear that the machine was broken before they got there – why didn’t the previous user fix it?


Wouldn’t it be easier if employees, upon encountering a broken machine, could just push a button that would alert you that your help is needed? Currently, the Presto button is not available outside of ISS Sweden and their coffeemakers. No problem, there are many different call button systems available, both in the medical and service industry fields. Call Systems Technology offers several different call button options.


Simply place a call button near equipment, in bathrooms or other areas that need frequent repair or professional attention. That button can either send a signal to your phone, computer or even (depending on how complex a system you need) a dedicated machine in your office.


Installing service request buttons will not prevent machines from breaking or toilets from clogging, but they will make it easier for your employees to deal with the situation and avoid a lot of frustration and ill will. And, as ISS Sweden found, these buttons make repair work much more efficient.


For help finding the right call button solution for your facility, or for other ways to make repair work more efficient, contact Vanguard Resources.