How to harness the IoT to clean your facility

May 10, 2017

Close-up Of A Man Holding Remote Control Of Robotic Vacuum Cleaner To Start Cleaning

Facility managers are constantly on the lookout for ways in which the Internet of Things (IoT) can help them improve services and reduce costs. You may have already looked into improving your HVAC, security, and lighting use. Why not harness the IoT to improve your facility cleaning as well?


IoT in your restrooms

Use sensors and tracking capabilities to determine how often your bathrooms are being used. A connected soap dispenser can send data to a cloud-based platform each time it is used, allowing you to monitor and track your bathrooms’ traffic. You can set alerts to send a cleaner after every 50 pushes of a soap dispenser. That way you’re not cleaning your bathrooms on a routine, schedule-based system. This saves you money by not having to clean unnecessarily as well as making sure you clean rooms when needed. This real-time, evidence-based decision-making allows you to allocate resources as needed.


Lower maintenance costs

In the past, you had to routinely check on equipment to make sure it was still working properly. Thanks to equipment monitoring services, companies can track when equipment is in need of—or better yet, nearing—maintenance. This alleviates the time and cost of on-site auditing.


Cleaning robots

You’ve seen Roomba vacuums, now there are robotic floor cleaners. One company, Intellibot Robotics LLC, offers robotic cleaners that are used in schools, hospitals, airports, manufacturing facilities and offices. These machines have multiple sensors that provide 360-degree visibility, so they are able to clean on their own. These machines can send real-time performance reports to let you what areas were cleaned, total cleaning time, and if there were any problem areas. According to the company, users have reported as much as an 85% reduction in cleaning labor costs. This also allows your existing staff to be more productive, focusing on other types of cleaning.


These are just a few suggestions on ways to harness the IoT to provide better, more efficient cleaning of your facility. The more connected devices you install, the more data you can collect and analyze to improve business intelligence and use your resources more intelligently.


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