Are your employees putting your facility at risk for data breach?

June 27, 2018

Two smiling business people having a meeting

It’s been in the news lately how participating in online quizzes can jeopardize your security. These quizzes, which are often found on social media, entice users to share personal data to find out fun, personalized answers. Cyber criminals often use quizzes such as these to trap users into sharing personal info they need to hack into their computers.


Although we are aware of the dangers, online users still can’t resist participating in these viral quizzes and social surveys.


A 2016 Pew study stated that 77 percent of employees use social media at work. Employers have ways to ensure their employees aren’t using social media on work computers; however, that doesn’t necessarily block the threat entirely. Smartphones, which are many user’s go-to devices for accessing social media, are vulnerable to viruses which can pose threats to other computers or cellphones using the office’s Wi-Fi network. If your employee’s device gets infected on their personal home network, then their device can pose a threat when they connect to the office network.


The best way to avoid such problems is to share the risk of using social media quizzes with employees. Here are some security tips to share with your workers:

  • Run security software on all devices, even phones and tablets. Many effective antivirus software solutions are free or inexpensive.
  • Make sure all devices’ and computers’ software are up-to-date.
  • Password-protect all connected devices and change any default passwords on all devices.
  • Do not store important data like passwords—especially work-related passwords—on your devices.
  • Properly recycle and remove data before discarding old gadgets.
  • Remove temp files and cookies.
  • Remind employees not to engage in social media quizzes or personality tests that ask for a lot of information.

Of course, none of this is a guarantee that an employee won’t accidentally give out vital information, which can jeopardize your data. That means you need to be constantly backing up your data off site. Should a cybercriminal manage to attack your facility with ransomware brought in inadvertently by an employee, you’ll at least have your most recent data available.


For more information on cybersecurity or keeping your employees up to date on the latest cyberthreats, contact Vanguard Resources.