Nothing increases productivity or boosts morale quite like a chair massage

September 26, 2018

businessman sitting in massage chair at office

Stress is bad for business. It causes turnover, absenteeism, and it erodes morale. All of this affects the bottom line. According to the American Institute of Stress and the American Psychological Association, job stress and related problems cost companies $200 billion or more each year. One effective way to combat stress—and to boost morale—is to offer a chair massage program for your workers.


A corporate chair massage program can range from being a regular part of your wellness benefits package to being a seasonal offering (something to help employees get through crunch times), or even just an extra special employee-appreciation treat. Everyone loves a massage, and it goes a long way to improving worker happiness.


Actually, the notion that “everyone loves a massage” is not an exaggeration. Studies have shown that 99% of your employees will take part in a chair massage program.


The cost is minimal, too. You can provide a chair massage for as little as $13 per employee.


As for effectiveness, a chair massage offers same day results, which can last for weeks. One study, reported by American Psychologist, compared the results of productivity on two groups: one which received a 15-minute rest, and one which received a 15-minute massage. The massage group performed significantly better on complicated tasks like math problems.


Not only does a corporate chair massage boost productivity, it can help keep your employees healthy, too. Massages reduce blood pressure, relieve arthritis, improve joint and muscle aches, and can prevent and relieve pain and numbness associated with repetitive motion. And of course, by lowering stress, chair massages can reduce absenteeism.


More and more companies are offering corporate chair massage to their employees every year. Eddie Bauer, one of Fortune Magazine’s “100 Best Companies to Work For,” provides an on-site massage twice a week at their corporate headquarters.


To implement a corporate chair massage program at your facility, or for more information on ways to reduce employee stress and boost productivity, contact Vanguard Resources.