How Poor Air Quality Could Affect Learning

August 7, 2019

As colleges and universities prepare to welcome students back from summer break, facilities managers across the country are working to ensure students return to a clean and safe learning environment. When thinking about clean facilities, air quality is often overlooked, but still important to consider. Poor indoor air quality could lead to irritated eyes, respiratory infections, headaches and even sleepiness—not exactly a recipe for learning.

You can take several steps in your facility maintenance and management plan to increase the quality of your air. Following these simple guidelines can help keep indoor air clean and avoid unnecessary illnesses.

Floors and Entryways

Maintain clean floors. You should have the floors cleaned at least twice a week. While mopping and vacuuming can be effective, one way to stop allergens and other harmful materials is by utilizing heavy-duty floor mats. Large floor mats placed outside and inside entryways catch harmful materials or allergens, and prevent them from entering the air indoors. If you’re using a vacuum, it’s always a good idea to clean out the filter regularly as to not re-introduce dirt and allergens.

Keep Restrooms Free From Mold and Mildew

The quality of air in restrooms can be questionable. Humidity and moisture tend to build up quickly resulting in mold and fungus. Always ensure to thoroughly clean bathroom partitions, since they are constantly subjected to moisture and humidity. Mold can eventually grow inside the stalls, which could lead to respiratory illnesses if inhaled. Setting up a checklist where cleaning staff can check and sign off on is a good way to ensure nothing is forgotten or overlooked.

Keep Ventilation Systems Clean

Ensure you have clean filters that are properly installed and maintained. Filters are designed to trap harmful pollutants or particles that may enter via outdoor air. When present, outdoor air pollutants such as carbon monoxide, pollen and dust may affect indoor conditions when outside air is taken into the building’s ventilation system. Discomfort can be a huge distraction when trying to learn, so providing a comfortable environment is crucial. Make a point to continuously check your heating and ventilation systems to ensure that they’re performing as expected without any waste in energy.

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