How to Maintain an Eco-Friendly Campus

August 14, 2019

In recent years, colleges and universities have started taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint. What and how colleges choose to repurpose and recycle plays an important role in a school’s sustainability and a facilities manager can help implement and manage a successful program. Below are a couple of ideas that could help make your school a bit more eco-friendly.


The easiest and most popular start is by implementing an effective recycling program. Whether ramping up your existing recycling program, or starting one from scratch, ensure the process is easy and readily available to students and staff.

Hosting recycling-oriented events have also proven successful in not only reducing waste, but also educating students on the environmental benefits of properly recycling their trash. This is important to keep the recycling momentum going among students as well as faculty members.

Cut Back on Energy Costs

While recycling is effective at reducing waste and taking the necessary steps toward eco-conscious practices, there are other ways that schools have made their facilities more sustainable. Cutting down on unnecessary energy use by opening the windows during particularly nice days, or setting thermostats to self regulate.

Use Green Cleaning Supplies

Utilizing non-toxic cleaning materials and school supplies are good eco-friendly practices to adopt. Even implementing green materials during renovations have proven to be highly effective. 

Create an internal recycling store for students

A “free store,” where students interchange items such as clothes, shoes, lines and other unwanted dorm items is a good way to take advantage of useful stuff others no longer want. This kind of recycling serves a direct purpose at your campus, while cutting back on creating trash.

Taking the necessary steps toward making your school sustainable has numerous benefits, including student health, reducing waste, conserving energy, and helping the environment. There are many different ways that you, the facility manager, can help make your school more sustainable and eco-friendly. For help or advice making your campus an eco-friendly learning institution, contact Vanguard Resources at (210) 495-1950 or toll-free at 1 (800) 211-8848.