Business lobby, a blend between aesthetics and safety

October 16, 2019

Above view of large group of business people working in the office.

The reception area or lobby at your office or workplace is really like your business card, experts say. It can be big or small and it’s not necessarily for everyone, but the physical space could directly reflect your company’s values.

The primary function is to greet visitors and guide them to meetings. It also provides a waiting area for guests and other visitors. More importantly, the reception area presents the perfect opportunity to showcase your brand’s identity.

Think about how you greet visitors and what you want them to think about the business as they enter. To create a good first impression, the reception area should have enough space to gather while waiting. Be sure to have things that make them feel comfortable like couches, armchairs, coffee tables or coat racks. Follow these guidelines to ensure each visitor has the best experience when they walk in your door.

  • Visitors should be able to walk in, look around and right away understand what the company does.
  • Don’t use the reception area as a holding space for trash, food deliveries or stacked packages. Sometimes offices are messy, but the reception area should never be.
  • Allow for easy movement and put in areas to wait, sit or relax.

Many lobbies are designed primarily with aesthetics and convenience in mind, with little or no thought given to security. The lobby is the buffer between the public and private areas, so it is important to take preventive measures such as the following:

  • The receptionist desk should have a clear view of the front door so they can observe visitors entering the lobby area.
  • Require visitors to sign in and out digitally. Also, create unique badges for visitors. 
  • Standard operating procedures should exist for front desk personnel and quick reference lists should be provided for them to follow in an emergency.

All companies with visitors should put some thought into how they greet their guests, and the reception area provides the perfect opportunity to do just that. Don’t forget, this area is the transition from public to private space, so special security considerations should be taken to secure it.

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