Avoid Costly Fire Damage to Your Facility

December 10, 2019

A fire alarm plan considers design factors that affect mission and operational reliability. To ensure the effectiveness of your facilities’ fire system, ensure the design matches your facilities’ needs.

System design is a critical step to operational success. First, given the investment being made, it is important that you check the credentials of the engineer performing the design, to ensure they have a strong background in alarm system design.

Additionally, the design must address critical interconnected emergency control equipment that include wiring to fans, dampers, smoke control equipment, and even elevators.

Today, the amount of quality fire alarm control equipment on the market has increased, with many manufacturers adding networking, voice and other options to their product line.

Have a good understanding of the various manufacturers and their strengths and weaknesses. Again, you may need to get the assistance of an industry professional to help vet the options.

The ultimate success of a fire alarm system project will depend on the facilities managers, who is employed to install the system and is measured years later in long-term reliability and operational effectiveness.

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