Spring garden care and maintenance

February 26, 2020


Technically, spring 2020 will begin with the vernal equinox on March 19th. But depending on where you live, warm weather may come much sooner, or much later. For example: In San Antonio, Texas, the last frost date falls on March 1st. Now is a good time to start making plans for how to get your landscape ready for spring. There are several things you’re going to want to think about:

1) Cleaning up trash and debris: Outdoor areas go unused during the winter months, and you’ll need to clean them before you can do anything else:

  • Dispose of dog waste and trash
  • Rake up dead grass, leaves and tree debris like acorns or branches
  • Remove dead leaves, stalks, and flowers from perennials

2) Compost: Once you’ve got the clean-up out of the way, you can move on to fertilizing your lawns and flower beds:
Use a tiller to aerate your lawn

  • Use compost to fertilize lawns, trees, and flower beds

3) Pest control: Now that the soil is prepared, you should take measures to prevent pests.

  • Cover your flower beds with landscape fabric and mulch

4) Planting: Finally, you can get to the fun part: planting. Before you start, consult a USDA plant hardiness zone map to determine what zone you live in. This will help you figure out what plants you can have in your garden, and when you should plant them. Once the last frost date has passed, you can:

  • Plant cold tolerant plants in your flower beds
  • Plant trees and shrubs
  • Start a new lawn, or over-seed your existing lawn
  • Getting started on landscape care early will help keep you grounds attractive and healthy. To learn more about seasonal garden care, contact Vanguard Resources.