4 Simple Ways to Create a Healthier Workplace

April 3, 2020



Employee health is key to running a successful business. Sick, listless and uncomfortable employees aren’t productive.

Help employees improve their posture:

  • Ergonomic chairs that provide full back and neck support. Gaming chairs might look silly, but they are amazingly comfortable.
  • Standing desks can help improve posture and heart health.
  • Computer stands that raise the screen to eye level make it so that employees don’t have to hunch over their desks.


  • Give employees opportunities to take several short walks during work.
  • Have a walking meeting, or walk to lunch.
  • Introduce an exercise program, like a weekly yoga class.


  • Provide fruit, like apples, in the break room.
  • Cater healthy, appetizing meals. Employees who don’t have time to make lunch at home might go for unhealthy options.
  • Give employees adequate lunch breaks, and discourage people from eating at their desks.


  • Open a window or install air purifiers, it will clear fumes and allergens from the workplace
  • Get some indoor plants. They purify the air, reduce stress and improve the atmosphere.
  • Clean the office regularly to remove allergens, germs and trash.