Is Thermal Screening the future?

May 13, 2020

Asian people waiting for body temperature check before access to building for against epidemic flu covid19 or corona virus from wuhan in office by thermoscan or infrared thermal camera (Asian people waiting for body temperature check before access to

With all the chaos surrounding COVID-19, thermal screening is becoming increasingly popular. The recognition rate of a fever using thermal screening is more than 99.995%, and the technology alerts you right away. We are looking into providing thermal screening implementation in the near future. For now, let’s look into what thermal screening really is.

What is thermal screening?

Thermal imaging is an infrared method to detect if anyone has an elevated body temperature, which could be a precursor to determining infections such as COVID-19. Specific methods for thermal screening include full-body infrared scanners (which use the skin temperature as the proxy for your core body temperature), ear gun thermometers, and handheld infrared thermometers. A laptop runs software connected to the thermal screener and alerts the technician when anyone has an above-average temperature. From here, this person can be pulled aside to participate in an extra screening to determine if this individual could potentially be a COVID-19 carrier.

How can thermal screening be an advantage?

This is a simple action to keep everyone safe. The accuracy of this technology can ensure that no one with a fever enters your workplace, which is crucial for the present-day since a fever is one of the main symptoms of COVID-19.

Has thermal screening shown success in the past?

Thermal screening was first implemented in airports back in 2003 during the SARS pandemic and then used again in 2009 during the bird flu epidemic. The utilization of this process is critical in detecting any potential sickness in passengers before they enter an area where they can get several people sick.

Unfortunately, thermal screening is only an outlet to detect fevers, not COVID-19. Someone could pass the thermal screening test and still be a carrier, but the probability of that has shown to be slim. Implementing thermal testing in your workplace is an excellent tool to ensure your employees are healthy and not infecting others.