How Natural Light Affects Workplace Productivity

June 3, 2020

Team of confident professionals discussing in office

We are always looking for ways to improve office culture and boost morale. Inevitably, a healthier office culture will increase productivity and therefore overall office efficiency. There are many studies outlining various ways to improve office surroundings, but as it turns out, a seemingly insignificant connection with the outdoors can be a game changer.

That’s right, natural light. Natural lighting in the workplace has countless physical and mental health benefits.

  • ⅓ of employees in the U.S. report that they feel they do not get enough natural light in the workplace
  • 43% of employees report feeling gloomy because of a lack of light
  • With extended use of technological devices, there is a higher need for natural light to prevent eye strain
  • A Cornell study found a 63% drop in headaches with the addition of natural light
  • A Harvard study found that 70% of workers experienced an increase in productivity with access to natural light

If your workspaces already have natural light, great! You can rest assured that your business was ahead of the curve on all of the benefits from working great window space into the architecture of your workplace. If not, no worries. We are here to help your business management, planning, wellbeing and industrial planning in all facets. To start utilizing some of the newest industry research in your organization, contact Vanguard Resources today to start planning your custom, comprehensive Business Management plan.


*Information in this article gathered from the Harvard Business Review.