No Touch Tech and the Spread of Antibodies

June 10, 2020

Row of white modern marble ceramic wash basin in public toilet, restroom in restaurant or hotel or shopping mall, interior decoration design

No touch technology, specifically related to bathroom hygiene, has been around since the 1980s. That being said, it is not new technology and can be found in many public bathrooms throughout the country. Some of this technology’s known benefits are: less need for maintenance, less waste and less transfer of germs and bacteria. All of these aspects are valuable, especially when looking to use housekeeping resources most efficiently and protect public health. 

Amidst the pandemic, no touch bathroom technology sales have skyrocketed as fear of cross-contamination steadily increases. Many business owners looking to invest in the technology are worried about the initial cost of installation. However, seasoned owners who have used this technology for years explain that the savings on supplies far outweigh the initial cost. Some have even expressed that the installation proved as a great opportunity to modernize their bathroom design, which makes the space more inviting to both employees and clients.

Looking at this data, no touch technology of all sorts can be extremely beneficial. Going forward, many businesses are also seeking ways to integrate no touch technology into other parts of the office, further improving safety. For more ways that Vanguard Resources can support your office’s safety features and ensure your facilities are up to date, check out Services or contact us to begin your custom plan today.