Are You Prepared for your CMS Compliance Survey?

June 24, 2020

Assessment and analysis by professional auditing consultant concept, person touching screen with icons of risk evaluation, business analytics, quality compliance, process inspection, financial audit

When preparing for a CMS compliance survey, there are a variety of key points to keep in mind. At Vanguard Resources, we are constantly searching for more ways to keep you educated and aware of the best practices in the healthcare industry to ensure that your facility is well prepared.


When will a CMS survey take place?

CMS surveys can take place at any time, so it is critical to always be prepared. However, some actions that can trigger a review are complaints or allegations from an internal or external entity, need for certification or recertification of your license, and self-reported events for investigation. Self-reporting is helpful because it is by nature more anticipated, but keep in mind this does not ensure knowledge of exactly when the survey will occur.


How can my facility best prepare for a survey?

Performing self assessments will always be the smartest, most well rounded way to prepare yourself for review. This includes asking questions and performing tests that a CMS reviewer might use, for example questions like:

  • What are your systems in place for assuring patient safety?
  • How are you utilizing incident data to strengthen your practices?
  • What kind of routine data are you collecting for quality assurance?

Though these questions are just examples, they all utilize a similar strategy: thinking critically about procedures from the outside to ensure fair treatment and safety within your facility.


What resources can I utilize to ensure my facility is prepared?

There are numerous resources that can ensure your preparedness for a CSM survey. One very direct option is to have dedicated staff who regularly manage quality control and analyze the data your organization has collected. This ensures that there will be experts who can answer any probing questions a reviewer might have. Additionally, Vanguard Resources provides countless services that support this type of security and preparedness. To learn more about our Health Care Facilities support system options, contact us today.


*Information in this article was gathered from Becker’s Hospital Review.