Ways to Improve your Healthcare Facility Amidst Rapid Changes

July 5, 2020

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In health care, as in any industry, change is inevitable. Shifts in policy, new programs, infectious diseases and government mandates necessitate annual changes in day-to-day hospital processes; meanwhile fluctuating budgets and regulations drive shifts in staff and leadership. The way in which employees in health care organizations react to change depends directly upon the way in which the organization’s leaders introduce and implement change.

Leaders must have the ability to correctly and clearly communicate ongoing reasons for change, including alternative adjustment options and new standard implementation. At Vanguard, we want to help you have the best healthcare facility possible. Here are a few key tips to make that happen.


  • Maintain a sense of urgency with change. Do not become comfortable or complacent.
  • Meet with facility department leaders to discuss and solidify the ultimate end vision and strategy.
  • Understand that successful changes take years to become standardized behavior.
  • Focus your plan and achieve progress through short-term goal setting, achievement, and rewards.

Expanding your facility

  • Invest in smaller projects rather than larger construction projects
  • Create a capital budget plan to guide your work
  • Encourage a culture of innovation from all personnel, at all levels.

Customer satisfaction

  • As you’re walking around, pay attention to visitors who don’t seem to know where they’re going. Is your facility’s wayfinding signage helping or confusing them?
  • Does your facility cater to diverse audiences who speak different languages? Designing signs that use combinations of universal symbols and languages other than English will be necessary.
  • Maintain ongoing communication between staff and patients about what can be improved.

To create a strategic plan for your facility today, Contact Us to talk with a professional today.