Accidents: Embracing Them for Future Growth

July 15, 2020

For a detailed analysis of your facility’s accident investigation, reporting and analysis
techniques, please contact the experts of Vanguard Resources.

Even the most prepared facility management team must deal with the occasional accident. Effective accident and incident investigation offers facility management leaders the key to the future, repeat incident prevention, and the minimization of accidental damages and their impact upon the company as a whole. There are many things to be learned from accidents but here are some of the crucial aspects to remember

They are Unplanned.

By their very nature, accidents are any unexpected, undesired event, or incident, that result in personal injury or illness, property damage, environmental harm or daily routine disruption. At its simplest level, accidents result from the amount of energy or hazardous material that a person cannot safely absorb. While some accidents may create minimal disruptions, others can throw off an entire organization’s day-to-day work schedule.

Find the Root Cause

Each accident has its own basic or root causes. Once you discover these accident initiators, applying appropriate accident prevention tactics becomes more simplified and easier to justify and implement. Regardless of the situation, it is important to investigate and report each accident that occurs onsite.

Use Data to Plan for the Future

Charting and analyzing accident and near-miss incident trends not only determine what happened but also what factors contributed. Charting these events will assist facility leadership to develop methods that diminish accidents across the board, typically reducing Workers’ Compensation costs and enhancing the overall safety of all individuals in the workplace. In the end, identifying accidents’ root causes increases overall worksite efficiency, safety, and morale.

Unfortunately, employees often refrain from reporting and investigating accidents out of fear of embarrassment, discipline, loss of position, or employment termination. However, problems like bias and report falsification can occur when only one individual takes responsibility for on-the-job accident and incident reporting, harming the entire organization as a result. Avoid this by training and preparing your entire facility team to identify, investigate, and report job-related accidents. Educate them on the importance of incident and accident reporting and prepare them to handle witness reports with discretion and accuracy, following them up quickly with the appropriate corrective actions. Not only will this responsibility standard facilitate accurate action and accident handling, but it also satisfies the incident recording standards of internal labor and management unions or institutions.

For a detailed analysis of your facility’s accident investigation, reporting, and analysis techniques, please contact the experts of Vanguard Resources.