Refocusing on Core Competencies

November 20, 2020


Core competences are unique. They give your company a competitive advantage within your industry. These competencies help your business stand out amongst the crowd. Often times, as companies grow, these core competencies can get lost in the shuffle. Here are a few tips to help refocus and stay true to your company’s unique qualities.

Employee Training

One way to make sure the focus of your company’s core competencies is clear to all of your employees is to ensure they undergo the appropriate training. This includes — but is not limited to — weekly meetings, HR evaluations and personalized one-on-ones. Well trained employees exemplify a company’s core competencies through their work. Employee training not only helps your company remain focused on said competencies but it also helps employees feel heard.   

Communication Between Employees

The saying “communication is key” remains true. When it comes to refocusing on core competencies, communication is an even greater piece of the puzzle. Employees must hold each other accountable for the workplace to run smoothly. This is why communication between employees is essential to knowing whether or not your company is abiding by its core competencies. Internal reports and meetings between staff can help prevent issues before they arise.

Offer Customer/Client Feedback

External feedback can be a great component to making sure that your company is still focusing and abiding by the core competencies. If your company is in customer service, surveys both in person and online can answer questions geared towards your core competencies. The answers to these questions will let you know if your company is still aligned with its core competencies. If your company is client based, asking the client themselves for feedback works as well. After completing a project, ask the client how your company did.

Refocusing on core competencies can be a steep task. The tips above offer a path to help make the task a bit easier. For more information regarding the professionalism and business management, click the Blog portion of our website.

Information for this article was gathered from: The Balances.