Find the Right Air Purifier for Your Office

December 10, 2020

Air purifier in modern office for fresh air and removal dust PM 2.5

Around allergy or flu seasons, air purifiers are particularly useful. Many businesses opt to utilize an air purifier in their building to keep their staff safe and healthy. Here are the top five types of air purifiers that we recommend.

  1. Ultraviolet Air Purifiers
    UV air purifiers function by killing viruses, bacteria, and pathogens with UV light exposure. Though they take more time to reach their maximum purification potential than others, their cleaning is very thorough.
  2. HEPA Air Purifiers
    On a basic level, mechanical filters—like HEPA filters—push air through a very fine web of fibers that subsequently traps particles. They trap 99.97% of particles, including particles as small as smoke and paint pigment.
  3. Activated Carbon Air Purifiers
    These purifiers function similarly to mechanical filters: they push air through porous carbon, trapping particles. The added benefit of a carbon filter is its odor neutralization properties, making it great for eliminating strong smells.
  4. Ionic Air Purifiers
    Ionizers (usually used alongside another filter) electrically charge molecules in the air to form ions. Once this process takes place, the particles attach to a grounded electrode, killing bacteria and viruses.
  5. Electrostatic Air Purifiers
    These purifiers work very similarly to ionic purifiers: they charge the particles in the air. After the particles are charged, the filter collects them. Because of this, the filtration plates should be replaced frequently.

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*Information for this article was gathered from Consumer Reports.