Housekeeping and Cleanliness in Your Care Facility

February 2, 2021

Housekeeping and Cleanliness in Your Care Facility

In celebration of National Patient Recognition Week, we wanted to share some tips on housekeeping and cleanliness in your hospitals and care facilities to keep your patients healthy and safe.

Patient Expectations

There are certain standards that are expected of facilities:

  • Clean and tidy lobbies
  • Accessible, clean walkways
  • Organized front desk and workspaces
  • Visibly clean rooms
  • No foul odors

Fulfilling Patient Expectations

To meet these expectations, we recommend the following daily:

  • Mopping and sweeping
  • Disinfecting high-touch areas
  • Full cleaning and disinfecting of bathrooms
  • Changing of bedsheets
    • TIP: Try cleaning from least to most dirty areas; people often overlook the areas that seem clean or tidy but every part of the space needs to be cleaned and disinfected every time.

COVID-Specific Protocol

The priorly outlined regular maintenance should be followed along with the following:

  • Use of HEPA filters to ensure air cleanliness
  • Use of disinfectant on equipment and high-touch areas after each individual
  • Strict separation between COVID and non-covid patients
  • Full disinfecting when moving from COVID to non-covid patients in any capacity

Beyond client satisfaction, the costs of increased spread of illnesses and lost clientele from poor cleaning practices can far outweigh the cost of comprehensive cleaning. For this reason, it is well worth it to invest in high-quality cleaning services. At Vanguard Resources, we specialize in Housekeeping & Linen Management staffing so we will make sure you have the appropriate staff to keep your facility protected. Contact Us today to set up your free consultation.

*Information for this article was gathered from Kaivac