Construction Building Codes: Dos and Don’ts

February 9, 2021

Blog 2 Construction Building Codes: Dos and Don’ts

When embarking on your building construction process, there are important codes in each state that must be taken into consideration. Otherwise, you could be looking not only at steep fines but also serious safety hazards. Here are just a few of the most important aspects to keep in mind when building in Texas.

The Do’s

  • DO pay attention to occupancy limit requirements.
  • DO keep the run and rise of the stairs completely equal.
  • DO take drainage and floodplains into consideration.

The Don’ts

  • DON’T misplace your rebar anchors.
  • DON’T forget any deck ledgers or braces.
  • DON’T leave too small of an air barrier gap for insulation.

Thought codes can be both plentiful and complex, we have your back. One of our specialties is industrial strategy and staffing so we will make sure you have the expertise to safely move forward with your construction project. For more information on code specifics or to make sure your construction team has a code expert, visit our Contact Us to set up your free consultation.

*Information for this article was gathered from UpCodes and the Journal of Light Construction