Campus Groundskeeping Makes a Difference in Students’ Choice of Colleges

April 27, 2021

As colleges and universities begin mailing acceptance letters to applicants this spring, they can also anticipate prospective students and their families to show up for campus tours before making a decision. A beautiful, well-maintained landscape is a major factor in determining whether a student decides to enroll. To stand out to students and their discerning parents, college campuses need to impress with the aesthetics and curb appeal of their buildings and grounds.

Some of these features might include the following:

  • Collaborative outdoor learning spaces that augment teaching and enhance the educational experience. In a time where virtual learning has become of the norm due to the pandemic, classroom settings in unconventional outdoor learning spaces can not only bring connection to nature but also stimulate learning.
  • Green spaces and gardens that provide opportunities for students to relax, be physically active and connect to others. Green spaces provide fresh air, as well as quiet areas conducive to studying. Grass and vegetation should have proper irrigation so they are always green and lush.
  • Walking and bike trails that encourage physical activity and student health. Outdoor paths and trails can also help students and teachers de-stress and take their minds off exams and papers.
  • Social hubs with picnic tables and benches that encourage social interaction. Students can make friends, fun memories, and take their minds off school stress and help mental health.
  • Fountains and ponds that enhance campus appearance and can provide serenity through the calming sounds of water.
  • Trees and flowers that welcome students and provide year-round appeal with their beauty and color.

Vanguard Resources can help make a great first impression to your college community and prospective students and families by maintaining your campus grounds with our professional groundskeeping program. Our services include lawn and garden care, outdoor space management, general maintenance and waste and litter removal. We also provide irrigation system services and plan installation and restoration. Call us today at (210) 495-1950 to find out more.