Conflict Resolution in the Workplace

May 18, 2021

According to the Center for Public Policy (CPP), 85% of employees in the United States experience some kind of workplace conflict, with approximately 2.8 hours per week spent in disagreement. This costs employers around $359 billion in company hours, or approximately 385 million days on the job, focused on conflict instead of productivity.

CPP stats also showed that:

  • Almost half of workplace conflict is a result of personality clashes and warring egos
  • 33% of workplace conflict is a result of heavy workloads
  • 25% of employees have witnessed absence or sickness due to conflict
  • 9% of employees have seen projects fail because of workplace conflict

According to Bloomberg, employee turnover costs employers about $11 billion annually, and a Randstad study estimates that 58% of employees have quit work due to negative office politics. To combat turnover in the workplace, employers should consider providing employee training in conflict resolution. CPP estimates that 60% of employees never received basic conflict management classes or workplace training in conflict resolution. Of those who did, 95% stated that the training was advantageous in helping them resolve workplace conflict.

Some strategies to manage workplace conflict include:

  • Addressing issues immediately and in private
  • Understanding the situation
  • Acknowledging the problem
  • Setting clear expectation
  • Avoiding coercion and intimidation
  • Focusing on the problem, not the individual
  • Establishing guidelines
  • Keeping open communication and listening actively
  • Determining ways to meet a common goal and acting decisively

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