Happy National HVAC Tech Day!

June 22, 2021

Today is National HVAC Tech Day! HVAC techs are in high demand as energy efficiency continues to be a top priority in 2021 in business and industry. Facility managers often spend a significant amount of time monitoring and managing temperature throughout a commercial space to help save energy costs. HVAC techs can help alleviate these time-intensive tasks by installing a smart, high-tech commercial heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system. While it may be a significant initial investment, a smart HVAC system can help facilities save big in the long term.

Smart HVAC systems foremost help minimize energy costs, as well as repair and service costs while keeping staff and clients comfortable. Smart thermostats can monitor changes in temperature and humidity in different areas of a commercial building. Certain features such as geofencing will switch off heating or cooling in certain areas when not in use. By enlisting the services of skilled HVAC techs, facility managers can:

  • Protect the longevity of HVAC equipment
  • Provide industry-standard ventilation throughout a facility
  • Monitor and review temperature, humidity and equipment stability measures through a central dashboard
  • Install air quality sensors to monitor carbon monoxide and other harmful substances
  • Track how often air filters are changed
  • Create a safe, healthy environment for staff and clientele

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