The Work Order Process

July 1, 2021

Good facility managers know that they need a smooth functioning system for processing work orders to properly manage maintenance and repair requests.

A work order is a formal digital or paper document that requests a given task to be completed. Work orders can be scheduled and assigned to specific individuals at your facility. The order may be a customer request or an internal facility request. According to the Association of Physical Plant Administrators (APPA), data elements in a work order should include:

  • Work order number
  • Requester and date requested
  • Funding provider and identifier
  • Scope of work
  • Status of work order
  • Budget
  • Schedule

Also, to properly manage the work order process, managers should:

  • Identify the task
  • Prioritize and schedule the work order with a clear task list
  • Assign the work order with a clear deadline
  • Provide any additional notes

Following a clear process for work order management will help ensure organizations complete tasks efficiently and make important deadlines to keep clients satisfied. For further information about how Vanguard Resources can assist you in facilities management, including the work order process, please contact us at 210-495-1950.