CMMS for Facility Managers

July 13, 2021

In our last post, we explored the work order and how work order management is an essential part of being a facility manager. This role includes ensuring that the facility is operating as it should by completing daily inspections and conducting regular and proactive maintenance. Other examples of facility managers’ broad range of responsibilities include:

  • Managing and sourcing contracts with vendors
  • Workplace maintenance and cleaning
  • Ensuring that facilities meet compliance standards and regulations
  • Handling emergencies at the facility
  • Property management
  • Creating maintenance reports

With facility maintenance being a major expense for companies, finding a system that helps automate and streamline these processes is invaluable to a facility manager. One system that facility managers can use for work order management is computerized maintenance management software (or CMMS). A CMMS work order management system can assist facility managers with tasks including:

  • Processing and tracking work orders
  • Managing inventory
  • Scheduling and prioritizing tasks
  • Data mining
  • Reporting work order status

A CMMS system can thus help facility managers increase productivity and manage work orders promptly. It also allows for assessment and future planning of upcoming work so that resources can be estimated and properly allocated, helping facilities streamline operations. For more information on CMMS and how Vanguard Resources can assist you with facility management, please email us at or call 210-495-1950.