Assessing TJC Compliance

July 20, 2021

Formerly known as the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO), the Joint Commission, or TJC, advocates for the continuous improvement of quality of care and healthcare standards of safety. It also has the authority to revoke the accreditation of a healthcare organization that does not maintain TJC compliance. Hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare organizations each have different standards and evidence-based criteria to earn and maintain accreditation, which is voluntary on the part of the participating organization.

The benefits of accreditation per the TJC include:

  • Greater community confidence in the quality and safety of care provided.
  • Outside validation of existing good practices.
  • Differentiation from other, similar organizations, allowing for enhanced marketing and referral generation efforts.
  • A reduced risk profile, with the potential to negotiate lower liability insurance premiums.
  • A framework for consistency in policies and procedures – across sites, across programs or services and/or across staff – to increase efficiency and help position healthcare organizations for future growth.
  • A focus on continuous improvement and the establishment of measurable data to help maximize organizational improvement efforts.

To confer accreditation, the TJC conducts surveys by a team of accredited health experts, including doctors, nurses, hospital administrators, and other healthcare professionals. The TJC asks health organizations to submit performance data regularly in response to surveys. Once accredited, organizations must re-certify every three years except for labs that re-certify every two years. To assist organizations in maintaining accreditation, the TJC provides self-assessment tools, such as checklists and readiness resources including the 2021 Hospital Compliance Assessment Workbook, on its website.

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