National Back to School Month

August 3, 2021

The first day of school is around the corner, and now is the perfect time to get involved in this year’s Back to School Month! Safety is now more important than ever, especially with the COVID-19 Delta variant on the rise. Here are some general safety precautions that educational facilities can implement:

  • Keep sanitation stations easily accessible
  • Wipe down desks after class
  • Keep masks readily available
  • Keep doors easily accessible from class
  • Practice fire safety routines
  • Have spare supplies for students
  • Practice bullying awareness  
  • Use power strips for electrical devices

Now that the school season is approaching, practicing these safety tips will not only reduce the chance for harm on your campus, but also allow you to prepare yourself for this upcoming semester. For more information on health and safety precautions within your school, call us at 210-495-1950 and we can assist you in safety hazards, as well as effective property management.

*Information from this article was found from National Today