Workplaces and the Delta Variant

August 24, 2021

As we all know, the Delta strain has spread rapidly through America in the past few months. With the impact on the economy, how will this affect the workplace? Employers are concerned with the possibility of another contagious outbreak which applies more stress to workplaces trying to enforce social distancing and vaccination. Despite all the precautions employers can make, the production process will still be impacted due to the transmissibility of the Delta Variant. While there have been reports from SHRM that Moderna and Pfizer are effective against the Delta variant, that may not mean the vaccines prevent employees from catching or transmitting the variant. According to Eden Health, there are a few policies workplaces should follow to bring their workers back, such as the following:

  • For all workplaces, social distancing is again highly recommended.
  • Sanitize the workplace every day.
  • For highly concentrated or congested workspaces or gathering areas, mask use is recommended for all individuals regardless of vaccination status. 
  • Improve indoor air ventilation.

Despite this ostensibly endless pandemic, workplaces and employees have been anticipating some sense of normalcy. The impact of this variant could potentially be twice as worse as the first COVID-19 strain which could force workplaces to remain or go back to being virtual. Regardless of how transmittable the Delta variant is, workplaces do not want to forego the sense of normalcy in dealing with the evolving pandemic. For any additional information on additional policies to keep your workplace safe or any more information about the Delta variant, call us at 210-495-1950 and we will help you keep a safe workplace.

* Information in this article was found in SHRM, Eden Health